Global Corporations are Simple Minded Greedy Sociopathic Teenagers

Global Corporations are simple minded greedy sociopathic teenagers. Global Corporations lack of empathy for the environment, employees, and long term consequences combined with greed removes the possibility for a living wage, a clean environment, world peace, gradual improvement in conditions for the poor, access to affordable health care, and gradual improvement in education. The list of consequences is broader in scope than I can imagine. Global Corporations control over media outlets have broad consequences including the spread of disinformation, censorship of important information, spread of irrational fear,  mass distraction, an uninformed populace, the decline of empathy for other people, and mass murder (War).

Stay vigilant; study multiple points of view when studying history, learn from cognitive dissonance, and refresh your critical thinking skills.


General Electric (Read the profile and everything I stated above is confirmed)  GE is just one example.

Brain Washing Techniques they are using on you right now.


Critical Thinking


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